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Diabetes – invading us faster beyond our imagination

I was flipping through the newspaper today and saw quite a number of ads related to diabetes and was pondering over and just then it stuck my mind that it is WORLD DIABETES DAY today. I have written enough on what is diabetes and how is it caused in my earlier posts[1] and hence my [...]


September is Sicke Cell Awareness month

  September is the Sickle Cell awareness month as declared by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Who knows how many of us have inherited the trait genetically or have passed on the same to our younger generations. Hence I thought it is indispensable for the followers of this forum to have a knowhow [...]


Juvenile Diabetes – Let’s not dig our child’s grave

I was always happy that my elder one, who is a poor eater, is at least interested in junk foods. All of us at home were convinced in one way that there is some intake. Else, usually, it is a World War between her and all others at home! All said I was alarmed to [...]


Gestational diabetes–come over it

Everything goes on well in pregnancy until the end of second trimester! Then you are subjected to the Random Blood Sugar and here you go aghast! Don’t worry still you have chances. You are put on a diet and walking plan for a week and then subjected to Glucose Tolerance Test(GTT). Still if you are [...]


Varicose Veins – good, bad, ugly?

This topic attracted me for the fact that my mom had/has varicose veins and am tired of requesting her to seek for any consultations. She keeps mentioning various treatment options as mentioned by her friends and quite often gets confused and confuses others. Baffled at this and for the benefit of others who may be [...]


Osteoporosis – a mute slayer?

Few lines on bones and their physiology Normal bone is composed of protein, collagen, and calcium all of which give bone its strength. Bones that are affected by osteoporosis can break (fracture) with relatively minor injury that normally would not cause a bone to fracture. The fracture can be either in the form of cracking [...]


Monkey Malaria – Next in the Row?

While I was browsing through the paper last week, I was stuck with dismay to read that there is a parasite called Plasmodium knowlesi that is known to infect long tailed macaques is now emerging to affect humans too, either naturally or artificially. Evidently Plasmodium knowlesi (aka), P. knowlesi has emerged to be the fifth [...]


H1N1 – A New Challenge to Human Immunity

What is an Influenza Pandemic? A pandemic is a global disease outbreak. An influenza pandemic occurs when a new influenza A virus emerges for which there is little or no immunity in the human population, begins to cause serious illness and then spreads easily person-to-person worldwide. So we keep wondering how this is different from [...]

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