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Diabetes – invading us faster beyond our imagination


I was flipping through the newspaper today and saw quite a number of ads related to diabetes and was pondering over and just then it stuck my mind that it is WORLD DIABETES DAY today. I have written enough on what is diabetes and how is it caused in my earlier posts[1] and hence my [...]

Festive seasons are around – Beware of sweets!!!


It all has started, yes, Festive seasons, celebrations are big time in the air. We have lots of social gatherings from different walks of our life – friends, office, neighbours, clubs and what not! We may have to barter sweets and savouries. If we all could observe carefully, other than oil and sugar, Maida is [...]

Gestational diabetes–come over it


Everything goes on well in pregnancy until the end of second trimester! Then you are subjected to the Random Blood Sugar and here you go aghast! Don’t worry still you have chances. You are put on a diet and walking plan for a week and then subjected to Glucose Tolerance Test(GTT). Still if you are [...]

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